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Arden Heights

Arden Heights is frequently used to refer to the western region of Annadale, the neighborhood along the South Shore of Staten Island, New York, USA. The phrase “Arden Heights” is found on many New York City plans, including Hagstrom’s.

Erastus Wiman, a renowned Staten Island real estate developer, invented the term “Arden Heights” in 1886. The neighborhood’s name likely refers to the hill over the Village Greens shopping center and housing developments. (The name does not reference the currently closed Fresh Kills Landfill at the western edge of Arden Avenue. The landfill was not in existence until the mid-20th century.)

The long-running legend has been that it was the location for St. Michael’s Home For Children, a Roman Catholic orphanage. However, Arden Heights saw a significant transformation as it was transformed into the Village above Greens, New York City’s first planned urban development, inaugurated in 1971. The development broke the ground by Mayor John V. Lindsay, who in the 1960s boasted that the journey duration from Greens from Greens to Lower Manhattan would average one hour and fifteen minutes, as long as buses in 2007.

1982 in 1982, the Saint Michael’s orphanage, located just off Arthur Kill Road, closed 1982, with a portion of the land on the site being given to builders (who have since constructed Aspen Knolls development) Aspen Knolls development) and the rest set aside to be used as a church named after the recently canonized saint, St. John Neumann. The church also has an abbey for the Presentation Sisters on the east part of the property. As of 2005, a piece of the land was sold off, and a new house was constructed to begin there, too. Another indicator of the ongoing housing boom on Staten Island, which had continued for a long time from when the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge opened in 1964. H&A Staten Island Plumbing

Village Greens

The Greens are a cluster of townhomes built around looped streets that have one way into and out. Away from the main thoroughfares like Arden Avenue as well as Arthur Kill Road, these streets include Hampton Green, Forest Green, Dover Green, Avon Green as well as Carlyle Green – providing a mostly traffic-free area, which makes Village Greens a unique place to live in a developed Staten Island. (Some Greens feature detached homes that naturally have more than townhomes, typically set up in groups of eight.) In addition, architectural guidelines and exterior inspections conducted by the Village Greens Homeowners Association have made it easier for the community to maintain its appearance.

The other “Green” – namely Rolling Hill Green- was constructed on the land intended for Village Greens but was never built for unknown reasons (some speculate that the developers had no money or contractors). The “Greens” have their recreational facilities.

Restaurants Nearby

  • This district can be found on 2. Sneden Ave, Staten Island, NY
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill is located at 262 Arden Ave, Staten Island, NY

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