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Bedford – Stuyvesant

It is known as Bed-Stuy. It is situated in the northern portion of Brooklyn, New York City. Its boundaries in Bedford-Stuyvesant comprise Flushing Avenue to the north (bordering Williamsburg), Classon Avenue to the west (bordering Clinton Hill), Broadway to the east (bordering Bushwick and East New York), as well as Atlantic Avenue to the south (bordering Crown Heights and Brownsville). The principal shopping street, Fulton Street, runs east-west through the neighborhood. It is also connected to the most famous highways that run north and south, including Bedford Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, and Stuyvesant Avenue. Bedford-Stuyvesant consists of four distinct areas: Bedford, Stuyvesant Heights, Ocean Hill, and Weeksville (also part of Crown Heights). The region comprised of Clinton Hill was once considered part of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Bedford-Stuyvesant is the most extensive collection of new modern Victorian architecture styles across the United States, with roughly 8800 structures constructed before 1900. The constructed-up part of the city consists of several historic brownstones. These houses were built to accommodate the growing middle class beginning in the 1890s to later in 1910. These homes feature a variety of beautiful interiors. They feature traditional architectural elements like brackets, quoins, and friezes adorned with Friezes and cornices. H&A Brooklyn Plumbing

The neighborhood’s name blends the names of two areas: the Village of Bedford and the Stuyvesant Heights neighborhoods. Stuyvesant is Peter, who was governor during the final term of the State of New Netherlands.

Based on census data that were provided by the census data provided to The New York City Department of City Planning concerning the population of the neighborhood, The western part of Bedford-Stuyvesant has the same number in terms of White and Black inhabitants and has numbers of 30,000 to 39.999. The area also has between 10,000 and 19999–Hispanic inhabitants. Eastern Bedford-Stuyvesant has over 40000. Black residents between 29,000 and 20,000 White residents, and 10,000-999 Hispanic residents. Census data from 2020 suggest Bedford-Stuyvesant is seeing an increase in race and ethnic residents.

Historic District

The Stuyvesant Heights Historic District in Bedford-Stuyvesant is home to 577 houses built between 1870 to 1900. The District comprises 17 blocks (13 were identified in 1975, and four additional blocks were added later in 1996). The majority of buildings in the District are either three or two-story rowhouses. They have high basements, as well as several homes, as well as several institutions. The community comprises Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church and its Romanesque Revival style Mount Lebanon Baptist Church and St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church.

Restaurants Nearby

  • Newyorktitlan has its address at 1525 Gates Ave, Brooklyn, NY
  • Santa Panza is located at 1079 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
  • Peaches HotHouse is located at 415 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY
  • Peri-Peri Grill House is located at 235 Malcolm X Boulevard. Brooklyn, NY

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