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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park includes 85 acres (34 Hectares) park in Brooklyn, New York City. The park was developed by the landscape architect business Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. It is situated in the 1.3-mile (2.1 kilometers) area of land that runs from Atlantic Avenue south of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and into Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge to Jay Street north of the Manhattan Bridge. The northern and southern areas of the park comprise the Empire-Fulton Ferry, which was once operational; Main Street Parks; the historic Fulton Ferry Landing; and Piers 6 and 7, with numerous recreational areas as well as residential developments. The park also includes Empire Stores and the Tobacco Warehouse, both built in the 19th century. They form part of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, an extensive network of parks and bike trails all over Brooklyn.

The park’s first section, Pier 1, opened in 2010. The park’s site used to be an industrial area owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. When the state and city agreed in 2002, designs for the park’s site and the financing started. The first phase, completed in 2007, involved the demolition of a warehouse underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Since the beginning of the construction of Pier 1, many other areas of the park have been completed. By the close of July, the park was only one-third complete. There are lawsuits and disputes concerning various Brooklyn Bridge Park elements, like residential development in the building to finance the construction.

Park Sections

Brooklyn Bridge Park encompasses 85 acres (34 ha) of the East River waterfront in the Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Brooklyn Bridge Park is separated into 11 sections: Piers 1 through 6; Fulton Ferry Landing; Brooklyn Bridge Plaza; Empire Fulton Ferry; Main Street; and John Street. H&A Brooklyn Plumbing

Empire Stores

Empire Stores comprises seven buildings three times larger than three times the size of (31,000 square meters) in space. In 2013, Brooklyn Developers Midtown Equities was chosen to convert the old Empire Stores warehouses into an office and commercial space using Studio V Architecture. The space was designed to house retail, offices, restaurant, and events, as well as access to the Central public walkway, the roof, and the courtyard. Several original features, such as iron hoisting wheels and coffee chutes, were preserved. Midtown Equities originally intended to start opening Empire Stores in 2015. The flagship location was the West Elm store, which opened in August 2016 as the initial store in Empire Stores, followed by the Brooklyn Historical Society’s Dumbo exhibition space, which was opened in May 2017. Other stores were also open simultaneously, and Empire Stores’ waterfront location quickly became a popular place to take selfies, particularly photos featuring the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

Address: 334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY

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