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Eltingville is located in Eltingville, a neighborhood in Staten Island, New York City, United States. It is situated on Staten Island’s South Shore, immediately south of the Great Kills and north of Annadale. Eltingville’s principal commercial area Eltingville is on Richmond Avenue, with offshoots going north along Amboy Road and Hylan Boulevard. Eltingville is represented at the New York State Senate by Andrew Lanza, in the New York State Assembly by Michael Reilly, and in the New York City Council by Joe Borelli.

It was initially known as South Side and later Seaside. The neighborhood is credited with its current name to the prominent family of Elting, who settled in the area in the 19th century. It was the southern end of the Staten Island Railway until 1860, when the line was extended to Tottenville. The community’s central business district began to develop around the railroad station, which was just a few feet from the junction of Amboy Road and Richmond Avenue. H&A Staten Island Plumbing

It is probably with the neighborhoods of Eltingville, and Great Kills in mind that New York Telephone named a telephone exchange “Honeywood” in the 1920s; this exchange, which also served Annadale and Huguenot, was retired from service in 1959, but a local business establishment–Honeywood Liquors on Hylan Boulevard–remained for decades as a reminder of the exchange’s existence. In 1959, when Honeywood 6 and its neighbor Tottenville 8, with operators who connected all calls, were converted to dial service, the exchanges were merged to become Yukon 4. Along with 984, Verizon phone exchange numbers are 356 (formerly FL6), 226, 226 (227), 317, 948, 966, and 967. These exchanges came into effect in 1999 and 1998, respectively.

In the 20th century, Eltingville was primarily populated by Scandinavians. They were predominantly Norwegians up to the point that families not related to each other in the area often had the same surnames, such as Hansen, Johnson, Erickson, Ronning, Nygren, Bundesen, and Swanson. The names were so prevalent that people living in Eltingville were able to distinguish families by adding their trade or other distinct traits with nicknames, for example, “delicatessen Hansen,” “fish Hansen,” and “two-family” Hansen. One of the children of one of these Eltingville family members is the model Patti Hansen, wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Eltingville is home to a significant Italian-American community, just like the rest of the south shores of Staten Island, with many Italian-owned businesses, such as Giovanni’s Ristorante, John Vincent Scalia Funeral Home Portobello Cafe, Freddie’s Pork Store as well as Salumeria, Sure Electrical Contracting, Carlo’s Fish Market, DeRosa & Sons, Pastosa Ravioli and a wide variety of pizzerias. The State Senator’s office Andrew Lanza is also located on Richmond Avenue in the neighborhood. Eltingville is home to a lesser percentage of Irish Americans and an increasing population of Russians and other minor ethnic groups.

Restaurants Nearby

  • La Iguana Azul restaurant & lounge is located at 8 Giffords Lane, Staten Island, NY.
  • Mercado Ariana Deli is located at 30 Giffords Lane, Staten Island, NY
  • Richmond Republic is located at 4459 Amboy Rd, Staten Island, NY

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