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Greenpoint is the northernmost neighborhood of Greenpoint that is located within Brooklyn, New York City borough of Brooklyn is located in Brooklyn located in the U.S. state of New York. It lies southwest of Williamsburg within the vicinity of Bushwick Inlet Park and McCarren Park to the southeast. To the southwest, it is bordered by Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and East Williamsburg to the north; and to the south is Newtown Creek and the neighborhood of Long Island City in Queens. Newtown Creek and the East River border the West. There are many Polish immigrants, and the Polish-American community includes many Polish markets, restaurants, businesses, and markets, often called “Little Poland” Little Poland. In the beginning, it was agriculture that was the primary source. Many farmers had families with names such as Meserole (Messerole) and Calyer Street. The Greenpoint neighborhood was constructed upon portions of land divided in the 19th century. Log yards existed, while rope manufacturers were located across the East River to the West. The eastern part of Newtown Creek through East Williamsburg was turned into a maritime industry area.

Greenpoint is a place where workers and immigrants populate. It was a popular location for families and the working class because of the abundance of factories, manufacturing, industrial docks, and dockworkers. In the last decade, the expansion of the construction industry in the region has transformed the area into a popular one for its nightlife and the increasing rate of urbanization. Rezoning in 2005 has made it possible to construct high-density homes on the East River waterfront. The goal is to rejuvenate areas along the East River waterfront for recreational use and maintain the promenade until Newtown Creek. Newtown Creek area. H&A Brooklyn Plumbing


Greenpoint’s residents are predominantly upper-middle-class and multi-generational. It is typical to see three generations of families. Greenpoint is commonly referred to by its nickname “Little Poland” due to the numerous Polish immigrants. It is believed to be the second-highest percentage of Polish immigrants in the region of the United States after Chicago. While Polish immigrants and those of Polish origin reside in the region, a critical Latino populace is also living in the northern portion, including Greenpoint Avenue. In addition, Greenpoint is an area home to many South Asian and North African residents.


When Neziah Bliss came up with the concept to create Greenpoint in the 1800s, the architect outlined the east-west streets, starting at the northern end and ending at the southern end. The roads were initially identified by letters such as “A Street” and “B Street,” however the streets were given more specific names at the turn of the 19th century. Parks include McCarren Park, the neighborhood’s most significant green space, and McGolrick Park, a smaller area. Park is known for the Shelter Pavilion and also as a symbol that is a representation of its Ironclad Ship, USS Monitor. It is situated on the East River. In addition, WNYC Transmitter Park was inaugurated in 2012 and is located in an old location previously used to store Radio transmitting antennas.

Restaurants and Pubs

  • MADRE is located at 214 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY
  • The Mable’s Smokehouse & Banquet Hall is located at 44 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Naked Dog is located at 47 Java St, Brooklyn, NY

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