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Historic Richmond Town

Historic Richmond Town  

Historic Richmond Town is an authentic town and farm museum located in Richmond Town on Staten Island,  New York City. Close to the geographic area of ​​the island, between Richmond Road and Arthur Kill Road. Staten Island Historical Society and Historic Richmond Town are two different names for the same group, highlighting its long history and expansion.

 Richmond Town, the city’s first settlement,  was unreliable in the 1690s due to the abundance of oyster shells. As a result, Richmond Town was known as Richmond Town in the early 18th century. Initially, the county seat, commercial center, and courthouse were once the  Richmond County seat and were located on the same block of Staten Island. Richmond Town’s residents were primarily Dutch, English, or French. The most famous occupations were shoemakers, blacksmiths, and other artisans. British soldiers also stayed in Richmond Town during the American Revolutionary War.

 Richmond Town is a historic district. Richmond Town comprises over 30 historic buildings and sites dating from the 17th century to the turn of the 20th century. Located about a mile from the center of historic Richmond, Decker Farm offers seasonal activities such as agricultural markets and pumpkin picking. The farm also has old commercial and government buildings, farm buildings, and homes that were moved from other parts of Staten Island. Local conservationist and historian Rowling McMillen William T. Davis and local banker David L developed the museum’s site in the historic town of Richmond.

 With the same passion for preserving the Great Depression-era past that led to the founding of the Decker Colonial Williamsburg Museum, these men brought the rich heritage and culture of Staten Island to life in an era that saw rapid growth and expansion. So I set out to build a monument.


The   Museum Village was created to give visitors a sense of his life in the 19th century. Visitors can experience what Richmond Town used to be like. Visitors can take guided tours of houses and shops renovated and equipped according to specific interpretation schedules. Other buildings are currently undergoing restoration but are now closed to the public. While  Historic Richmond Town is no longer a 2 /7 open-air museum  (as it briefly was in the 1980s), Historic Richmond Town is still an area showcasing crafts of the time, along with skills and family molds. H&A Staten Island Plumbing

Costumed museum interpreters perform them. Exhibitions are held at various times throughout the year. There are also reservations about educational institutions. Free events open to the public include Richmond County Fair,  Richmond County Fair, Oktoberfest, Egyptian Festival, Greek Festival Quilting Class, Tavern Concerts, Pumpkin Picks at Decker Farm (October), English Country Dance, Old Home Day, candlelight tours, and traditional dinners. And then summer training.

Address:  1 Clarke Ave, Staten Island, NY

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