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National Lighthouse Museum

The National Lighthouse Museum is a museum in St. George, Staten Island, New York, USA, dedicated to the history of lighthouses and their keepers. The museum officially opened in  2015. The museum is housed in a former foundry building, once the United States Lighthouse Service General Depot and later renamed the Staten Island Coast Guard Base. Staten Island Coast Guard base.

The National Lighthouse Museum concept was born out of a need to protect and educate people about the past importance of lighthouse navigation, which is being lost due to technological advances such as GPS and solar panels. As these structures became obsolete, the beautiful site attracted builders interested in building these beautiful sites. . Next, the lighthouse was demolished due to US Coast Guard safety concerns. Residents’ wishes to preserve the iconic lighthouse never materialized, but the building was demolished and turned into a golf course. The same fate befell the famous Fire Island Light in the 1990s when it faced destruction and development. The community stepped in to protect the light, and the Fire Island Light Conservation Society preserved the structure.

The potential for the sinking of these iconic landmarks has prompted people to voice their support for the lighthouse’s defense. The preservation of  Fire Island Light and similar efforts around the country motivated the establishment of the American Lighthouse Coordinating Commission to determine the best location for the National Lighthouse Museum to preserve this heritage for future generations. Rice field.


  • Create and operate a public museum on the Lighthouse of Staten Island, Richmond, New York.
  • Preserve, collect, and analyze the meaning of objects used in current and past lighthouses at past or present locations in the United States.
  • Conducted research, published and disseminated information and details on the history and development of American lighthouses.
  • They are maintaining and creating an archive of artwork and other documents related to American lighthouses.
  • Funds to research the history of American lighthouses. H&A Staten Island Plumbing
  • To serve as a resource for the general public and to support American lighthouse history and educational research. Educational programs, collections,
  • Honor America’s lighthouses by providing educational programs that include films and publications, living stories, lighthouse conferences, and many other services.
  • Support other current and future Lighthouse-related organizations, museums, and sites.
  • Establish partnerships with other organizations to achieve the above goals.

Address: 200 The Promenade at Lighthouse Point, Staten Island, NY

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