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Todt Hill

Todt Hill is a 401-foot tall (122 meters) hill made up of serpentine rock on Staten Island, New York. The highest natural peak within the five boroughs of New York City and the highest elevation on the entire Atlantic coast from Florida up to Cape Cod. The ridge’s top is mainly covered by woodlands and is part of the Staten Island Greenbelt, although most of the region is residential and developed. It is considered one of the most exclusive and expensive areas on Staten Island.

Todt originates in The German words “Tod” for “dead.” Therefore, it could be referring to the burial ground (the Moravian Cemetery in the present, which was established in 1740 and is the biggest cemetery on the island) located on the southwestern side of the ridge, near the city of New Dorp that has been used since the colonial times. Another explanation is that the first Dutch settlers named the place due to the lack of trees on the top of the hill caused by the soil in Staten Island’s Serpentinite location. In the early 20th century, several homes designed by the famous architect, Ernest Flagg, were constructed. A large portion Of Todt Hill today is within the Staten Island Greenbelt.

It is believed that the term Todt Hill is now often utilized to describe the high-end developments within the hills that lie along the eastern part of the ridge, which many island geographers consider to be an area within the vicinity of Dongan Hills. Two small natural ponds are located at the foot of Todt Hill, and a Roman Catholic monastery is situated on the mountain’s summit. Staten Island Academy, a private school, relocated the campus of its school to Todt Hill in the late 1960s. The golf course has an adjacent Moravian Cemetery, each of which is an artificial lake. The hill is a park or private house. No public transportation is accessible on Todt Hill, and the majority of the streets, including Todt Hill Road, is the main road in the neighborhood and does not have sidewalks. The highest elevated point is a not-marked rise of the street near Delamere Road and Chapin Avenue junction. H&A Staten Island Plumbing

Todt Hill comprises two census tracts, 181 and 177. However, census tract 177 also includes a portion of Emerson Hill. According to the census from 2010, population figures for Todt Hill had 80% non-Hispanic white, one percent Black, 11 percent Asian, and 1% multiracial. Hispanics of every race comprised 77% of the total population. Median household earnings for the region are around $120,000. Todt Hill is among the most wealthy areas on Staten Island. In 2011 the area was home to about 11,000 people. The density was about 1,400 inhabitants per square km.

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