Toilet Repair

Repairing Clogged Toilets In New York

You may believe that you’ll be able to install a toilet in your home. You may achieve this task. However, you have to understand that there are great risks involved. If you’re not careful, you could make a mistake and it might lead to a clogged toilet in the future. If this happens, you’ll need to work to fix the problem quickly. Otherwise, the clog could lead to water leakage and damage.

We’re here to help you. Our New York plumbing firm offers toilet replacement services. When you want to replace your outdated toilet, you’ll want to contact us. We’re thoroughly trained so we’re confident that we’ll give you professional and satisfactory results. Your toilet is the most important component in your bathroom but you may take it for granted.

When it begins to clog or stops flushing properly, it is time to replace it. Furthermore, older toilets may crack. These problems cannot be ignored because they’re going to make things harder for you. An experienced plumber will find a solution to this problem and take care of it immediately. We employ the top plumbers in New York so we’re confident that we’ll be able to replace your toilet quicker and better than anyone else.

Changing your toilet might offer numerous benefits. It’ll fix the problems you’re facing. In addition to this, you may be able to upgrade to a green toilet and that can save you money. Our toilet installation services are designed to protect the consumers every step of the way. We follow several complicated steps to ensure that the old toilet is removed without damaging your walls, floors, or pipes. Then, we’ll work tediously to make sure that the new toilet is installed properly. In most cases, we can get the old toilet removed in less than an hour.

We’ll work slowly and carefully to ensure that the new toilet is installed correctly.

Installation Issues

When installing a new toilet, consumers may experience an array of problems. You never know what might go wrong. Once our experienced plumber has removed the old toilet, they’ll inspect your plumbing system. They’ll look at the pipes to make sure that they’re in excellent condition. Then, they’ll install pipes and valves to ensure water will flow to the toilet correctly. If the plumbing pipes are outdated, it might be time to replace them as well. Our expert will take a look at these pipes and determine what needs to happen.

More importantly, we’re going to go above and beyond to save you money. We’ll help you switch to energy-efficient toilets so you can save money and protect the environment. Once you’ve picked a toilet, we’ll help you install it. Our plumber will carefully set the bowl before installing the new tank. While the process may look simple, it is tougher than you could ever imagine.

Also, it is pertinent to make sure that all of the pipes, fittings, and valves are secured tightly. We’ll make sure that everything is secure so you won’t need to worry about your toilet leaking and damaging your floors.

Toilet Testing

Once the new toilet has been installed, our experienced plumber will put his expertise to work. They’ll test the toilet to make sure everything is working properly. They’ll make sure that the toilet flushes properly and doesn’t clog. Furthermore, they’ll make sure that nothing was broken during the installation process. Once they’ve finished, they’ll begin working to clean up the mess. We’ll make sure that we don’t leave any trash or debris behind.

When our plumbers leave, we want to make sure that you can’t tell they were there. Then, it is time for you to enjoy your brand-new, energy-efficient toilet.

Why You Should Replace Your Toilet

Having a new toilet installed won’t be easy. You’ll need to hire a plumber, invite them into your home, and give them time to install the toilet. You may believe that this hassle isn’t worth it in the long run. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, you should not hesitate to replace your toilet. Doing so could be very beneficial since it’ll protect your home and increase its value.

Furthermore, there are certain cases when you should replace your toilet.

Not Flushing Correctly 

An outdated toilet may not flush correctly. The water may not drain from the toilet efficiently. Replacing the toilet may remedy this problem. It is important to get rid of the aging toilet because this could lead to severe clogs and other issues.

Excess Water 

An older toilet is going to use too much water. Toilets used before the 1980s used roughly 7 gallons of water when flushed. Today, toilets are more efficient than ever before. With this in mind, it would be a good idea to upgrade to a new toilet. Since you’ll use less water, you’ll save yourself money.

Gorgeous Design

Finally, you should consider upgrading your toilet so you can improve the appearance of your kitchen. Outdated toilets aren’t cute. Once you’ve agreed to upgrade your toilet, you’ll have endless options to choose from. For instance, you can choose a powder blue toilet. Or, you can pick a pink or yellow toilet. The possibilities are endless so you’ll easily be able to find a toilet that matches your bathroom’s design scheme.

Isn’t it time you replaced your toilet? Well, it is time you worked with us. We’re ready to begin helping you. Contact our New York experts so they can replace your toilet sooner rather than later.


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