Water Pressure Repair

Fixing Low Water Pressure Issues In New York

You may suspect that your water pressure issue is going to pass with time. You believe it has something to do with the utility company. While it might pass, it might not. Unfortunately, low water pressure is a major issue and it’ll make it difficult for you to enjoy your showers. Furthermore, there is a risk that your pipes are going to rattle when you turn on the hot water. This could damage your water pipes and cause more issues.

This is a sign that something is wrong. You need a professional to inspect the water system and find out what has happened as soon as possible. Our company is here to help you. We offer affordable plumbing services in New York and we’re ready to begin helping you.

Common Problems Associated With Malfunctioning Regulators

If you’re dealing with a malfunctioning regulator, you’ll know it. Below, you’ll find a list of common signs that something has gone wrong with the regulator.

  • The water pressure is too higher or too lower
  • Water flow is erratic
  • Water surges unexpectedly
  • You hear the pipes banging around
  • The pipes vibrate
  • The toilet’s fill valve is leaking
  • The water heater relief valves are leaking
  • You’ve found broken plumbing pipes
  • Your faucets are leaking

If you’ve noticed any of the aforementioned symptoms, you’re likely dealing with a malfunctioning regulator. However, it could be another problem too. The water pressure in your home should be 55 PSI. In most states, the code allows you to have an 80 PSI water pressure maximum. If your home has water pressure levels exceeding 80 PSI, you may void the warranties for your water heater, toilet, and faucet. Furthermore, it could ruin your home warranty.

For residents of New York, the answer is hiring a qualified plumber to fix the problem. We’re skilled, experienced, and ready to begin helping you. We have been in business for many years and we offer residential and commercial plumbing services. We’re confident that we have a solution to the problems you’re dealing with. We can tackle your problem no matter how big, small, or severe it might be.

Our company’s plumbers are available around the clock. We offer emergency plumbing services so we can help you during the middle of the night. This is very important since plumbing problems may occur at any time. When you experience an issue, you need to stop what you’re doing, pick up the phone, and notify us. We’ll be waiting by the phone for your call. We know how to deal with water pressure issues.

Furthermore, our thoroughly trained plumbers understand the plumbing industry better than anyone. They know a great deal about plumbing systems, water heating, tankless water heaters, and pressure regulators. We know how to identify and fix problems associated with this equipment. This is why your best option is calling us.

The Abnormal Water Pressure Issue

Unfortunately, abnormal water pressure is a common issue in residential dwellings. It tends to be a bigger problem in homes with pipes that are 20 years old or older. Many homes have regulators that help maintain proper water pressure. However, older homes likely do not have this appliance. Regulators help control the flow of the water to prevent potential problems.

A lack of a regulator wasn’t a problem many years ago because the water pressure was weaker. However, most utility companies and municipal agencies have made upgrades to their water systems so the water pressure is higher than ever before. If you suspect that your regulator has malfunctioned, it is time to fix the problem. First, you need to identify the problem. Is your water pressure fluctuating? Is the water flow erratic? Can you hear the pipes vibrating when the water is turned on?

You’ll also want to look at your toilets and faucets. Do you notice leaks around these connections? If so, you might be dealing with a water regulator problem. You may think it is a problem with the valve or joint but it could be a regulator issue. Remember that your home’s water pressure should be 55 pounds per square inch. It should never exceed 80 PSI. If it exceeds this level, there is a risk that your plumbing systems are going to malfunction.

To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure that your water line regulators are working as intended.

Water Line Regulator Replacement & Repair

If your water pressure is too high, you need to look at your water line regulators. There is a risk that the regulators have started to fail. The regulators are no longer able to control the water pressure. Regulators may fail due to their age. Or, they might’ve been damaged. Anything can create a problem for your plumbing system. With this in mind, you cannot ignore the water line regulators. They play an important role in ensuring that your plumbing systems are working as they should.

The problem is that your regulators are hidden behind paneling and drywall. With this in mind, it will be difficult to identify and fix the problem. Instead, you’ll want to hire a professional. Our company is staffed by qualified professionals. They’re trained and ready to begin helping you. When you’re ready to fix this problem, you should call us. We’ll send an expert plumber to your home so they can assess and fix the plumbing problem for you immediately.


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